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Does your faculty, staff, students, parents, and board understand the organizational culture of your school?

 We can help you clearly define the culture of your school towards high-performance education, enrollment, retention, and graduation


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You want to communicate a clear vision about your school that increases enrollment, retention each semester, and increased number of graduating students.

However, 40% of students never finish college and 7,000 students per day quit high school in the US (Gallup).

To prevent that happening to you, ask yourself these questions: 

  • How do you align a school board, faculty, staff, students, and parents with your vision and mission?

  • How do you engage these groups to increase enrollment?

  • What makes you attractive to students and parents as a school?

  • Why do students tend to transfer from you to another school?

  • What do you promise but struggle to deliver?

  • Why do good faculty only stay with you for a certain period of time?

  • Is your alumni passive or active about the future of your school? 

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Dr. Bill Clabby

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Dr. Bill Clabby

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