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You may not want to be the biggest, but we know you want to be the best at what you do. 2020 hit the business community hard where 800,000 permanently closed in 2021. Those who grew in this period of time had a strong organizational culture (Business Insider) 

This figure does not need to be this high,
so ask yourself these questions: 

  • In what creative ways does your organizational culture allow your people to adapt to a changing environment?
  • What are your assumptions about the people in your business?
  • Do your people have unused skills that could help your business grow?
  • In what ways do you receive feedback from employees, suppliers, and customers/clients?
  • Do your people like working for you or for the company name?
  • What makes an employee loyal in your business?
  • What percentage is your employee turnaround?

What our Clients Say about Us

Dr. Bill Clabby

"Dr. Andrew Fox is an innovative coach and consultant backed up with solid research. He explores a diverse landscape of social and cultural issues with empathy and nuance, allowing his work to stretch perspectives in new ways."

Dr. Bill Clabby

Affiliate at Gateway Group

Dr. Bill Clabby

"Dr. Fox drives you to think outside the box as well as inspiring you to be a better person!"

Seth Flowers

Vice President at Bloomin’ Blinds

Dr. Bill Clabby

"Dr. Fox has an uncanny ability to take subjects that some would be scared to talk about, rip the band aid off, use his wonderful British sense of humor, and make people think."

Jeff Kikel


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