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We can help you communicate your shared vision and mission to the community through your board, paid staff, volunteers, and congregation.


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You’re a great church leader working to develop an organizational culture with healthy governance, hiring and onboarding staff who are a cultural fit, recruiting volunteers, and growing the congregation towards a shared vision and mission.

However, 38% of Pastors in the US quit in 2021 and 64% of congregants say they won’t go back to church (Barna).

To prevent that happening to you, ask yourself these questions: 

  • How does the Gospel and church culture function together?

  • Do you have a functional paid staff that understands your church culture?

  • Do you have a process in place to help new people understand your church culture?

  • In what ways is the Gospel communicated through your church culture?

  • Do your governance documents and policies align with your church culture?

  • Is it time for some paid staff to move on?

  • In what ways do you promote the culture of your church?

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William Boll

"Dr. Fox brings a high level of integrity, is very articulate, an impressive level of intelligence while always having a friendly persona."

William Boll

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Ryan Grinnell

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 Dean Titterton

"Andrew’s commitment to his faith and profession has helped guide many individuals and organizations on to better things. Andrew is a great coach, consultant, and leader!"

Dean Titterton

CEO at YMCA North Tyneside UK


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