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I reached a point in my career where all the pieces came together creating the picture of who I am and what I do. While in conversation with people I love and respect, it became clear to all of us that every time I was hired by an organization, it involved developing and growing the organization by bringing clarity to its culture. 

So, I set about intentionally studying the powerful influence of organizational culture in the four areas that comprise the marketplace: businesses, schools, churches, and non-profits.


Here are some of the
questions I was asking:

  •  How does organizational culture affect the health and productivity of its members?

  • Why do people like to do business with certain organizations more than others?

  • In what way does organizational culture retain members and grow with new members?

  • What is the process for an organization to become a household name?



Here’s why I launched Cultural Clarity:

I found certain dysfunctional patterns in organizations that prevented them from becoming a healthy organizational culture that could problem solve through collaboration resulting in quality growth.

I wanted to take all my experience, education, research, and knowledge to help organizations become the very best at what they do by providing the necessary empowering tools to develop organizational culture.

Over the past 30 years I have focused on working with Businesses, Education, Churches and Non-Profits.

Here’s a snapshot that highlights some of the organizations I’ve worked with on my journey

 Breaking with Tradition

I was hired to help 24 members of a non-profit first established in 1887 to develop their organizational culture resulting in 1,000% increase in members or 24 to 250.  

Outgrowing Facilities

After relocating from the UK to the US, I was hired to develop the organizational culture of a non-profit established in 1932 in Washington that outgrew their facilities by increasing membership 500% or 100 to 500. Within their organization, the culture of two schools were developed that made it a household name in the local community.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I was honored to be hired to consult for two businesses and three schools over a four-year period. My task was to develop a culture that connected graduating students with the marketplace by helping human resources in their interviewing process to look for a cultural fit.

Enroll, Retain, and Grow

I was consistently hired in South Africa to consult for six individual private schools focusing on the hiring process, retention, and enrollment. It was here that I began to understand the power of an intercultural organization.

Cross-Cultural Understanding

I was hired to consult for three national schools in India developing their organizational culture to better prepare students for the marketplace. It was here that I understood how eastern and western cultures merged towards a global outreach.


In Kansas, I helped a rapidly declining church and school turn around by developing organizational culture focusing on communicating vision, mission, and values increasing the membership by 285% or 350 to 1,000.

Over the Pond

It has been my pleasure to return back to my home country each year to engage with colleges, universities, and churches contributing to their organizational culture as leaders navigate through local and national changes.  

Expanding Personal Horizons

Throughout these years I earned a Master’s Degree in Missional Leadership and a PhD in Intercultural Studies. I wanted to dig deep into valid and reliable data in order to discover for myself traits in organizational culture that I had observed since 1995. It was during this time that I traveled across the US and overseas investigating the culture of organizations.  

From Nothing to Something

I was hired to help develop the organizational culture for an extension campus in Georgetown, Texas, from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. When the campus launched, it broke the record of being the highest enrollment for an extension site.   

Real-Estate Ready

I helped a real estate brokerage develop their organizational culture focusing on their generosity to give back to the community. This led to the development and launch of their Community Transformation Foundation that manages generous giving back to the community.

Andrew Fox

I consult and coach in the fields of education, business, and leadership. These three fields have been prominent in my career from the UK to the US and internationally. In each field, my work involved transitioning, turnaround, or moving an organization forward to success and best practices. Whether it was a school with low enrollment, a struggling business, a church in decline, or a non-profit with reduced impact, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of helping an organization become healthy and productive towards effectively reaching their audience, clients, or community.

I have a proven track record of adding value throughout an organization in the UK and US. I am proud of my career accomplishments and the benefits they have provided for organizations.

Organizations include:
  • Lake Samm Church WA

  • Kennewick Police Department WA

  • Local Government and Non-Profits in Travis County TX, Williamson County TX, City of Georgetown TX, Benton and Franklin County WA

  • Fox Realty Austin TX

  • Southeastern University Georgetown TX

  • Bethel Life Center and School Wichita KS

  • Southwestern University TX

Organizations overseas include:
  • United Kingdom - Nottingham College

  • India - Set Beautiful Free

  • South Africa - Christian Family Church Bible School

  • Argentina - Contacto Universitario

I would love to partner with you and help your organization move towards success and best practices.

Board of Advisors


Janice Matthews

Director of Retail Experience
for University Credit Union

Retail operations leader with over 22 years in the financial services industry. She enjoys helping individuals identify their strengths and cultivating leaders within the organization. She firmly believes in leadership from the heart.

Dr. David McDonald

Founder of Fossores Chapter
House and Executive Coach

With over 25 years of experience, David is a leader, academic, artist, and storyteller. His coaching and training network has a global reach connecting with people who influence others in their own communities. A sought-after speaker and innovator, David enjoys growing people that can grow others.

Blake Dean CSP, CHMM

Director of EHS Security
and Facilities

Blake has 20 years of experience in EHS compliance  operations working with CDC  as a bioterrorism biologist and  leading the EHS, Security,  DEA Compliance, Project  Management, and Facilities  organizations for Benuvia  Manufacturing Inc.

Mariel Rodriguez

CEO Masters in Sales   

Over 15 years of experience in sales, training, management, operations, recruiting, team development, and client retention.   

Thomas Garrett

Strategic Advisory & Consulting
and Executive Coaching

CFO Consulting, CEO & CFO Coaching and Consulting; Executive Coaching; Debt Negotiation

Ian Green

CEO Global Transformation UK

Ian has over four decades of experience traveling over 80 countries inspiring individuals and organizations to think bigger as a coach, consultant, author, global networker, creating six international charities, training over 10,000 leaders in Eastern Europe.

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