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Cultural Clarity: Understanding And Developing
Your Organizational Culture 

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How did I get here and why write this book? 

The answer to the first question is failure and success, pain and joy, disappointment and satisfaction, frustration and clarity, anxiety and peace, and— the paradoxical human experiences are seemingly endless. 

But that’s my point. 

In a world of perpetuating smoke and mirrors that create the illusional image of a successful career and life, I arrived at where I am by allowing the conundrum of experiences to positively shape who I am today. More so, it developed a greater capacity in my life for people and how they function in organizational culture. 

And that’s my point in answering the second question. 

The negative experiences caused me to ask the right questions. So, I entered a conversation with good friends that lasted several years. What emerged was not obvious but most surprising. Friends in positions of leadership from municipal organizations, corporations, colleges and universities, startup businesses, non-profits, and churches clearly saw what evaded me. 

Throughout my career I had been hired to positions of leadership by organizations that were in crisis, or wanting something done that seemed impossible, or at best highly improbable. Before the idea of organizational culture became a priority in today’s marketplace, I naturally developed what needed to be done by focusing on the culture of an organization. 

This is my passion and why I wrote this book.

Your organizational culture is like adhesive that holds everything together. I want to help you discover what adds to the adhesiveness of your organization and what dilutes its power to bring your people, processes, business strategy, and structure together. 

After reading this book, take the complimentary self-test on my website to see what your organizational culture currently looks like. If you’re serious about the culture of your organization, take the Cultural Clarity Comprehensive Test©. Schedule an online meeting with me at no cost to you. 

I really am looking forward to meeting you! 

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What Others Say about the Book:

Dr. Bill Clabby

"Andrew is a person of conscientious thought that will, with a historical backdrop, take you on a journey that challenges you to deeply assess your own approach to establishing a winning culture."

Mark Eiland

Managing Partner TMV Business Group

Dr. Bill Clabby

"Dr. Fox takes the road less traveled and departs from the false hope of traditional management systems designed to reinforce culture as he drives upstream to the interview process. Cultural curiosity will Fasttrack you forward to cultural clarity!"

Steve Leach

President Acacia Strategic Advisors

Dr. Bill Clabby

"It’s exciting, relevant, humorous, and very practical!"

William Böll

Co-Founder Nvolve Technologies

Dr. Bill Clabby

"Andrew possesses the knowledge and the ability to leverage your potential in optimizing an organization’s health, resiliency, and culture."

Michael Francis

Founder BEAM Executive Advisors

Dr. Bill Clabby

"You and your organization can’t afford not to explore these below-the-surface questions around organizational culture"

Carol Peters-Tanksley, M.D., D.Min.

Author, speaker, clinical professor

Dr. Bill Clabby

"If you’re looking to unlock the full potential of your leadership and of the organization you lead, this book is for you!"

Josh Jamison

Lead Pastor Eastridge Church Sammamish, WA